Leathern Bottels


     These are leather "jackware" canteens (known as"bottels" back then) that have been used for centuries throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The English in particular were famous for their world class bottels. There were many different styles which overlapped through the centuries, what I offer here are several that represent a good cross section of historic originals.


   A: Tudor 1500-1700 AD. Based on originals found in the wreck of the Mary Rose 1545.

   B: Colonial 1700-1800 AD. Based upon an original owned by the Duke of Wellington.

   C: Medieval pre-1500. Based on various surviving originals.

Colors available are Black, Brown or Burgundy


Price is $75 each


      My bottels are made of veg-tan leather, hand stitched with waxed linen thread, wet formed and hardened in the old "cuir-boille" manner. They are lined inside with a mixture of pine brewers pitch and beeswax, and coated outside with melted beeswax. A hemp cord strap and turned hardwood stopper are added. Each hold about one quart.



  1) Do not leave your leather bottel in a hot car! The pitch/wax lining will melt quickly and the stopper will not longer fit tightly. Do not leave it out in the sun on a hot day either, and if you carry it on you for an event in hot weather keep it filled to the top.

  2) For water use only, do not put alcohol or spirits in your bottel, it will corrode the lining.

  3) Do not sit on your bottle (obviously), hard field use voids the warranty. If for some reason you wish to re-line it you can do it yourself with melted beeswax, or I can do it for a fee.


     If the customer finds the product unsatisfactory for any reason and it is still new and unused a full refund will be offered. Full refunds will not be offered for products that have been visibly used. If the bottel leaks at all when brand new it will be completely replaced at no charge. If over time and normal field use it needs to be re-lined I can re-line it for a small fee and shipping charges. Misuse and neglect as mentioned above voids this warranty, the bottel must be cared for in a proper manner.




Travellers Sacks


 Travellers Sacks (sometimes known as Market Wallets) were the common man's means of carrying goods from town to town, whether bearing goods from the market or carrying extra clothes for a long journey, or anything bulky that cannot be carried in belt pouches. They were as common as todays shopping bags or kids with school backpacks and came in many sizes, no size standard as they were all individually made.

Made of medium/heavy weight natural colored (gray-tan) LINEN



Price is:


Regular: 12" X 39" - $22


Large: 16" X 44" - $26